International Stunt Driver & Multiple World Record Holder

Born to Drive

Terry in Moscow

It is said that our destiny is predetermined. With both parents representing the UK in various Motorsports, it was little wonder that Terry Grant found himself behind the bars of his first motorbike at a mere five years old.

Graduating to car driving on farms and wasteland at the grand old age of six, everybody soon realised that this young lad was going to be something special behind the wheel.

After casually participating in a banger race, which he just happened to win outright, Terry rocketed through the ranks of Hots Rods and various saloon racing series both here and in the US, where he flew the flag for Britain against the best of the U.S in their “Legends” Racing Series. After storming to the front of the pack, Terry's now infamous victory do-nut did little to appease the disgruntled locals and Terry was police-escorted to the State Line and asked to leave!!

The Beginning of a Stunt Career

Fast forward to 1995 and Terry dips his toes in the pool of stunt performing by promising the producer of BBC's “Children in Need” that he could perform a TV friendly spectacle with F1 Ace Johnny Herbert. The hook was the part where Terry promised to leap from the moving car, and get back in. Something no-one had ever attempted before... and certainly not on live TV!

As the tapes show, the stunt went flawlessly... and the rest as the cliché goes, is history. Now, an incredible 23 World Records later, Terry is widely regarded as one of the greatest performers in the business. Constantly changing both his act and cars to keep audiences flocking back for more.

International Stunt Driver

On top of Table Mountain

Travelling all over the World, Terry has performed at some of the most prestigious events on the Global calendar. From the Race Of Champions in Paris, World Rallcross in places as far flung as Argentina, to the London Motorshow and the TV studio of Guiness World Records in Madrid. Whatever the challenge, Terry gives 110% to every fan, producer and promoter to ensure that whoever's watching gets blown away with what they see.

Having worked for the cream of manufacturers including General Motors, Saab, Vauxhall, Nissan and TVR to drop but a few names, Terry oftens consults as stunt co-ordinator to show organisers looking to provide jaw-dropping action in a completely safe environment. 2014 found Terry on the road with new stunts, new cars, new world records and the most impressive shows yet, and now with sponsors such as Monster Energy and Power Maxed I can guarantee that 2015 will be even busier, better and more spectacular.

There will be no sitting back, or relaxing... so get to the edge of your seat, put your hands together and witness stunt car driving at its best with Terry Grant.

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