International Stunt Driver & Multiple World Record Holder

Getting the cars ready for FOS 2016

This year has seen another fantastic Festival Of Speed at Goodwood, with Terry showing the crowds what stunt driving is all about.

With a bit of help from good friend and stunt bike rider Lee Bowers, Terry performed some breathtaking stunts, including for the first time getting the Jaguar F-Pace (the car that recently saw Terry set a new record for the highest loop the loop) on two wheels on the famous hill climb. Bowers even climbed out of the car and pulled off a few tricks before a damp patch meant Terry had to drop the car for safety.

There was also a great surprise for one lucky individual who got closer to the action from inside the car with Terry. The lucky competition winner was treated to a spin, Terry Grant style, and certainly won't be forgetting it any time soon!

For some great videos of the event head over to Goodwood FOS on Facebook: Festival of Speed or head over to Terry's Twitter at:

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