International Stunt Driver & Multiple World Record Holder

November 2015

If there was ever any doubt, Terry has proved once & for all that he is the master of the two-wheeled stunt, breaking World Record No. 23.

Coming soon after his impressive record for the highest loop the loop, set for Jaguar in September, Terry's latest record was set at Race Of Champions this year in front of a massive crowd. The record was made in a Range Rover Sport SVR, requiring all 2.1 tonnes to be driven on two wheels with an almost unimaginable 16 people on board!

All 16 lined up for the World Record attempt

The stunt was performed on Saturday 21st as part of Terry's show over the ROC's weekend at the Olympic Park, London, which also saw Grant put on an awesome show in his new addition to the fleet, his Jaguar F-Type!

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